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Kevi Kenobi
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Some may say I have a slight obsession with Star Wars...
they may be right...

Other interests include: hans zimmer's gladiator soundtrack, duck-billed platypi, darth anyone, willy shake, jack vettriano's singing butler, dave matthews' bartender, most race car games, hopper's nighthawks, sidewalk chaulk

airplanes, akira, arizona green tea, art, autzen stadium, bach, basketball, bass guitar, batman, beatles, beavers, beethoven, bigband, birds, bob dylan, boba fett, books, brahms, bubbles, buddy holly, cadets of bergen county, camping, cannon beach, cartoons, cats, ccr, champerie, chocolate, clarinet, classical, climbing, colors, computers, copland, dali, dance, dinosaurs, dodge vipers, dr pepper, drafting, drawing, ducks, dvds, feelings, fight club, flight, football games, friends, frisbee, get shorty, glass blowing, guitar, hardware wars, hawks, he-man, hippos, homemade cookies, insects, jimi hendrix, jimmy buffet's math sucks, jodie foster, john woo, jumping on furniture, kenobi, kevin spacey, kids, lasagna, laughter, led zeppelin, leo, les miserables, letters, libraries, licorice, lightsabers, living at the beach, london, mail, max (tri-met, mich, monet, movies, mozart, mp3s, museums, music, night, ninja turtles, notre dame, ok soda, painting, paradies, paris, partying, pear ice cream, pencils, people, plastic vampire teeth, poems, portland, puffer fish, punching bag, queen, reel big fish's sellout, reeses' pb cups, relatives, renaissance, renoir, rent, rodin, root beer, rougue spear, running, santa clara vanguard, sea otters, self adhesive stamps, simpsons, ska, sketching, smiles, south park, spiderman, stained glass, strawberry lemonade, subway, superman, swing, tatoos, the hatter, the matrix, the professional, the who, theatre, thinking, thumb wars, tootsie pops, traveling, tuba, unreal tournament, usual suspects, van gogh, venice, wagner, walking, wookies, writing, yakkity yaks, yoda, zermatt, zoos

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