Kevi Kenobi (kevikenobi) wrote,
Kevi Kenobi

Pete's published in the paper

Pete had a letter to the editor published recently. And from those of use who need that reminder, for any reason- thanks. From the Oregonian's Editorial page, Saturday August 11th 2001, section E page 6:

"No force, violence by parents"

In his Aug. 8 letter about Brian and
Ruth Christine, "Not kidnappers, just
parents," Layne Barlow asserts: "Each of
us is just a piece of paper away from losing
our kids - laws, constitutions and
just plain common sense notwithstanding."

Barolow disregards the facts with the
same vigor as the Christines. It is against
the law to abuse your children, it is
against common sense to abuse your
children, and nowhere in the Constitution
are you given the right to abuse your children.

I am happy to live in a society whose
government protects its children from
abuse. Before people support Brian and
Ruth Christine merely out of their hatred
for the government, maybe they should
take a look at what they are supporting:
child-abusing people accused of several
crimes. Parenting is about love, not force
or violence, a lesson many seem to forget.
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